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Hello, and welcome to my website..

                    Here you will find some information and some general rules of thumb that you may wish use to your                                                                        advantage, especially when preparing for a big day such as a wedding.

Lets start first of all on weddings:

Q: How long should I have for photos?

A: Ok, first of all. Work out with your partner, how important are wedding photos to you both? Also work out time of year your getting married and counter in day light saving time and not day light saving time! Keep in mind that nearly all venues require you back on time to start preparing your guests and food. So depending on how far away you are from your reception will depend on when your photographer has to stop to allow you enough time to freshen up before making your entrance. Also keep in mind, winter weddings your days are somewhat shorter and can bring a halt around 4:30-5pm depending on conditions.

With this mind, if you are planning on a winter wedding. Maybe think about an earlier time slot for your ceremony so as to give you more time getting the shots that you really want. Try at least for about 2 hours min.

If you don't allow enough time then you will feel rushed and that will show in your photos and that's the last thing you need.

Q: Should we feed the photographer?

A: If you have booked your photographer for over 8 hours, then general rule of thumb is yes. Or, at least allow him or her a break so that they may go get something to eat and take a short break to recharge the brain. Remember they are working, and not many people like working 8-12 hours without a break of some kind. Meals do not have to be what your guests are eating it can simply be a sandwhich and a drink and some time out. If you do provide a meal, it's best for them to be served their meal the same time as the bridal party so as not to miss any shots when meals end. 

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